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Deck of Sweat Cards - First Edition

Deck of Sweat Cards - First Edition

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- Clear illustrations of each exercise on a compact and easy to read design
- 70 Exercises + 15 BONUS programs designed by a Professional Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach
- Suits all fitness levels
- Water resistant to ensure durability anywhere you train

Deck of Sweat exercise cards include detailed illustration examples of each exercise with a brief description to get you back breaking a sweat and not reading paragraphs. Our cards are water resistant to ensure durability whilst you may train outdoors.
They are compact yet large enough to see from a distance whilst working out and suit any fitness level.

How to use the cards? Shuffle, Select & Sweat!

We've made fitness simple and taken the worry about what exercise to do next with the Deck of Sweat Cards, you can create your own workout by selecting 6-8 cards and repeat each exercise 2-3 times.
Or you can simply select one of our 15 BONUS programs included that has been designed by a qualified personal trainer to follow.


Item includes: 1 x Deck of Sweat Cards
Card dimensions 12cm x 9cm


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