Get fit without going to the gym!

- Train anywhere, anytime

- Everything you need in one pack

- Easy to use at your own pace

- NO weekly expensive gym membership

- Boost your mood, self-esteem and feel great!

- Over $150+ of equipment included for one low price!

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Boost your energy with our kit, includes:

1. Resistance Bands x 3

2. Skipping Rope

3. Sliders

4. The Deck of Sweat Cards

5. Long Resistance Band

6. Sweat Towel

Stuck on what exercise to do next?

The Deck of Sweat cards has 70+ exercises and a BONUS 15 programs

  • No time to travel to the gym?

    The Six Pack Training Kit has everything you need to get moving and squeeze in a workout from home when it suits you.

  • .
  • Workout with a friend, make it fun!

    Embrace the outdoors, fresh air and enjoy a challenge with a friend in your own space.

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